How Many People Look at Your Listings on Zillow? That Data is Now Available in REcolorado Listing Metrics

We relaunched REcolorado Listing metrics last month. The new and improved tool is still easily accessible from your CONNECT dashboard, but the tool itself has a fresh look and is now more user-friendly than ever. If you missed our big announcement, you can read it on the REcolorado Professionals Blog.

If you’re unfamiliar with Listing Metrics, you can use the tool to see how your listings are performing across various internet sites and compare the activity on your listings to similar listings. This allows you to effectively monitor the impact of price changes or other updates you’ve made to your listings. Then, pick and choose the information you want to send to your clients and set up an automatic Weekly Seller’s report email. Additionally, Listing Metrics isn’t just for your current clients. You can use the data to show potential clients why an instant offer may not be in their best interest.

Today, we added Zillow to the metrics mix, as well. If you want to view metrics for Zillow, click on the listing you want to view, scroll down to the line graph, hover your mouse over one of the dots on the syndication line of the graph, and you’ll be able to see activity on Zillow for that timeframe.

Click to enlarge image.

Listings Metrics graph Zillow

To learn more about the new Listing Metrics, sign up for our September 8 webinar, How Are Your Listings Performing on

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