Establish your “Wow” Factor Using RPR

As a broker, RPR understands your primary business goal is to be successful and serve your clients to the best of your ability.

To help you achieve these goals and differentiate yourself from other brokers, you need to make a big first impression with your clients and prospects. You need to “wow” them, and RPR can help.

RPR – The Real Estate “Wow” Factor

RPR is the nation’s largest property database, putting data, tools, and reports right at your fingertips. Allowing you to position yourself as the expert and “wow” clients during every part of the transaction.

RPR has features and capabilities that keep you connected to nationwide parcel-centric data so you can deliver up-to-date, spot-on real estate information in professionally designed packages.

Neal Oates Jr., a Broker/Owner from Florida, says this about RPR “If I can get to you (the client) first, with the right information, and if I can wow you, then I’ve won.”

What exactly is an RPR “wow” moment?

  • It’s standing at the kitchen island during an open house and sending a prospect you just met an RPR Market Activity report before they get to the second floor of the home.
  • It’s sending a pre-listing package that you created within RPR that includes an RPR Property Report along with your personal testimonials, sales history, resume, company profile, and marketing calendar, all of which arrive digitally or printed a couple hours before meeting with your prospect.
  • It’s telling your clients about a new, just-listed property during a buyer tour that pops up on your RPR mobile app, making you and your clients the first to see it

REALTORS® are more likely to “wow” their clients using the tools RPR offers as it allows them to elevate their knowledge and efficiency as a broker.

Realtors Property Resource

If you’re a member of NAR, you can access the RPR tool directly from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard.

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