What’s on Your 2019 “To Learn” List?

We’re all familiar with to-do lists. They’re great for remembering small tasks on a daily or weekly basis, but they’re not ideal for planning out and tracking the larger stepping stones—like learning new tools—that will ultimately help you reach your yearly goals. That’s where a monthly to-learn list comes in handy. Follow the three steps below to get started.

Think, Tailor, Tackle


Take a few minutes to review your yearly goals. Now, think about ways to break down those goals into digestible action items. Remember, REcolorado offers multiple training classes at our location and at Front Range REALTOR® associations. Chances are, there’s one thing you can learn each month of this year that will help you stay on track to meet your goals.


Creating a solid to-learn list requires a bit of strategic thinking. It’s important to tailor your action items so they’re helpful to you now, instead of trying to complete something that isn’t yet relevant. For example, it’s January and you know busy season is approaching. What training class can you plan to complete that’ll help you have a more productive busy season AND help you reach one of your yearly goals? Check down below for our recommendations.


Now that you’ve made your plan, it’s time to tackle it. It’s best to check in on your list regularly, or perhaps even pick a specific day each month to complete your action item. Twelve months and twelve new things you’ll learn. You got this!

Two REcolorado Training Class Ideas for a More Productive Busy Season

Making Matrix Your Own (1 CE)
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Cut down the time it takes you to do things in Matrix. There are tons of ways to customize Matrix to meet your business needs, so you ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible.

The App: Homesnap Powered by REcolorado
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Everything you and your clients need, all in one mobile app. You can use Homesnap to work more efficiently on the go and stay in touch with your clients, and your clients can use it to easily search for homes.