What is RESO?

Our team here at REcolorado has been working behind the scenes for several months on a project called “Go RESO.”

To describe the project, it’s best to start by answering the question “What is RESO?”

RESO is an organization made up of more than 850 members from across the country. The acronym stands for Real Estate Standards Organization.

The members of RESO are committed to working together on the “S” — the standards that impact two primary areas.

First, they impact MLS field names.

RESO’s goal is to establish a standard set of field names – a Dictionary – that can be used by everyone. For example, using Pending instead of Under Contract.

Second, RESO’s aim is to ensure listing data is shared and delivered to partners, vendors, and business tools using more advanced technology.

When we’re all speaking the same language and sharing data using up to date technology, existing business tools can be improved and new tools can be developed faster and better. That’s good for all of us!

For you personally, our go RESO project means a new, enhanced version of REcolorado Matrix is headed your way late this year or early next.

Keep an eye out for more communications about the Go RESO project to make sure you’re up to speed.

As we get closer to launching the new version of REcolorado Matrix, we’ll make sure you have the information and training to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

So, that’s RESO. For more information, please visit our Go RESO website and the REcolorado Professionals blog.