Permit Number Required for ‘Well’ Water Source

By law, every new well in the state that diverts groundwater must have a well permit. To obtain a permit, a person must file an application for approval of a permit with the State Engineer, also known as the Colorado Division of Water Resources. The Division of Water Resources determines the amount of water available and analyzes the potential for injury to other existing water rights under strict statutory guidelines. 

Of course, that’s a brief overview. If you’re interested in learning more about well permitting so you can be a source of knowledge for your clients, you’ll want to visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources website. 

Why Do Well Permits Matter in Matrix?

We’re glad you asked. To ensure Residential Detached and Land properties with wells entered into the MLS include the proper paperwork, the ‘Issued Permit #’s’ field is now required on all new listings you enter that have a well as a water source, and on any of your existing listings that have a well as a water source. If you need to enter more than one permit number, you can include subsequent numbers in the broker remarks section. 

So, What Do I Need to Do? 

For New Listings 

When you arrive at the Site tab during listing input and you select Well as a water source, you’re now required to enter the well permit number into the ‘Issued Permit #’s’ field. 

For Existing Listings 

When you edit an existing listing on which you selected Well as a water source, and you did not previously enter anything into the ‘Issued Permit #’s’ field, you will be prompted to enter the permit number into the ‘Issued Permit #’s’ field before you can save any other listing changes. 

Issued Permit Number Well Water Matrix