How Do I Search By…?

We encourage listing agents to enter as many property details as possible, because as a buyer’s agent, you need to be able to search for properties with details that match your clients’ needs, such as a main floor master bedroom.

When you need to search for listings with specific features, the best place to start is by adding Additional Fields to your Residential search form. We’ve compiled a list of popular search features below, but this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. If you want to talk through how to search for something specific, our Customer Care team is happy to help. Call 303.850.9576, option 1, or send an email to

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Main Floor Master

To search for a main floor master bedroom, begin by adding the field ‘Detailed Room Information’ to your search form. Then, select Room Type as ‘Master Bedroom’ and Floor as ‘Main.’

Detailed rooom info field REcolorado

Patio Home, Duplex or Triplex (1 unit), etc.

If you want to search for a specific style of home, such as one unit of a duplex, one unit of a triplex, or a cabin, bungalow, A-frame, etc., begin by adding the field ‘Architecture’ to your search form. Then, select the specific style you need from the list of options.

Architecture MLS field REcolorado

The ‘Architecture’ field includes an option for Patio Home, and you can use it to search for that style. But often, a Patio Home can simply mean “worry-free living,” where there is a strong HOA that includes exterior maintenance, yard care, snow removal, and more. If that’s more along the lines of what you think your client wants, you can add the field ‘HOA Includes’ to your search form. This will allow you to select specific features that are included in the HOA fees.

HOA includes MLS field REcolorado


If you want to search foreclosures, begin by adding the field ‘Seller Type’ to your search form. Then, select the option of ‘Bank/GSE.’ This will allow you to see listings that are owned by the bank or government-sponsored enterprise (GSE). You might also want to consider a subscription to our affiliate partner RENAV as a supplemental resource for foreclosure property information.

Pro Tip: Want to search for HUD homes? Use the ‘Seller Type’ field and select the ‘Government’ option.

Seller Type MLS field REcolorado

Carriage House, Mother-In-Law Suite, etc.

If you want to search for a property with a carriage house, mother-in-law suite, or guest house, begin by adding the field ‘Other Finished Description’ to your search form. Then, select the specific style you need from the list of options.


Rental listings are available from the Residential search form. Under the field ‘Type,’ scroll down and select ‘Rental.’ You’ll want to make sure only ‘Rental’ is highlighted, otherwise, you’ll get non-rental listings in your search results. Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • When searching for rental listings, we recommend keeping your search general, so you return as many results as possible.
  • Uncheck the ‘(000s)’ box under ‘Price’ because rental price is listed as per month.

Multi-Unit (full duplex or triplex)

Searching for a multi-unit property is a bit different, and you won’t start by adding an additional search field to your Residential search. Instead, you’ll want to switch your search form to Income. This is because a multi-unit listing is considered an Income property type, meaning the property could generate income for the buyer (i.e. the buyer plans to live on one side of the unit and rent out the remaining space.)

To search for a multi-unit property, hover your mouse over Search, then hover over Income/Commercial, and then click ‘General.’ Under ‘Building Type’ on the search form, you can select the specific options you want.