Validate your Listing to Identify Missing Fields

The new REcolorado Matrix allows you to quickly and easily identify required fields when entering a listing. It’s simple – use the “Validate” button!

At any point during listing input, you can click “Validate” in the button bar.

REcolorado Matrix Listing Button Bar Validate

Now, you’ll see a red exclamation point next to any tab or field with incomplete information.

You can follow this process at any time during listing input or when editing an existing listing. Simply complete all required fields, which are also indicated in yellow, on each tab of the listing input form.

Tip: Use this trick when you’re reviewing your listings transferred from the previous version of REcolorado Matrix. Before you do anything else, scroll to the button bar at the bottom of your screen and click “Validate.” This will quickly identify any required fields with missing information or other fields that need attention.

To save your work as you go, click “Save as Incomplete.” Please note, this will remove any status selected until you are ready to make the listing Active or Coming Soon.