BrokerBay Users: Update Your ShowingTime Account

If your office has chosen to use REcolorado Showing Management powered by BrokerBay, you’ll want to update your preferences in ShowingTime. Taking this important step will help avoid any confusion as you start using BrokerBay.

Pro Tip: If you’re using REcolorado Showing Management by BrokerBay, consider if you need to maintain subscriptions to other showing services. If not, now’s a good time to turn off those subscriptions and save money!

Access Your ShowingTime Account

You can access ShowingTime by clicking the ShowingTime button on your CONNECT dashboard, or by following the steps below:

  • Once logged in to REcolorado Matrix, select Input
  • Select Manage Showing Time

Disable ShowingTime for All Listings

Once in ShowingTime, navigate to your profile settings. Look for your name in the left-hand navigation menu. On the Office Home page, you’ll see your basic contact information including your name, phone number(s), and email address.

Click Edit Profile

On the following screen, scroll down to the section labeled Listing Agent – Showing Preferences. Next to the option “Allow Agents To Request Appointments Online?” click the button next to “No.”

This will disable ShowingTime for all listings associated with your account.

Save your changes.

Disable ShowingTime for an Individual Listing

If you have several listings and want to disable ShowingTime on one of them, you can do so from Listing Setup.

On the left-hand navigation menu, select Listing Setup. Choose the listing you are working on by scrolling to the correct listing or searching for the listing ID.

From the listing page, you’ll see a similar option as described in the previous section. To disable ShowingTime on the individual listing, simply select “No” next to the question “Allow Agents To Request Appointments Online?”

Save your changes.

Adjust Office Settings for ShowingTime

To review or change the ShowingTime settings for your office, select “Office Setup” from the left-hand navigation menu.

In the “Showing Agent Requests” section, you can turn off the option to allow showing agents to make requests on your office’s listings.

REcolorado Customer Care is Here to Help

If you have questions about how to adjust your preferences in ShowingTime, or simply want to learn more about REcolorado’s showing management powered by BrokerBay, we’re here to help! Contact REcolorado Customer Care six days per week at or 303.850.9576, option 1.