A Fresh, New Look for Your IDX Frame

At the beginning of August, we’ll upgrade to a new version of Matrix. The way you use the MLS won’t change, but you will gain some new features, and will be able to upgrade your IDX frame.

The new IDX frame will have a fresh look and added functionality. Most notably, your frame will now display better on monitors of any size, as well as mobile devices. For this to happen, you’ll need to complete the first step below when the new version of Matrix goes live. If you’re a whiz at updating the backend of your website, you can then complete the second step. Otherwise, be sure to give the embed code to your web developer so they can complete the second step for you.

Copy the updated embed code
If you’re unsure where to find the updated code in Matrix, check out page four of this how-to document (specifically, step number 13).

Paste the updated code on your website
When you paste the updated code on your website, it’ll automatically display at a fixed percentage of your page. You’ll need to adjust it to a custom percentage of the page to achieve the display you desire.