Understand Utility Costs of a Home

Information is Power: Help Your Clients Understand Utility Costs Before They Buy

Great news! REcolorado has enhanced its integration with UtilityScore so that property scoring is more exact. This means that you and your clients can more accurately estimate monthly utility costs – a huge plus when trying to determine the full cost of purchasing a new home. Moreover, homeowners can now claim their property and update their Home Facts. Once Home Facts are updated, the UtilityScore is recalculated and the estimated bills reflect the improvements and/or changes to the property.

More about UtilityScore and REcolorado: UtilityScore is a tool that can be found on REcolorado.com, Colorado’s most popular, locally-run, home-search site, that offers a simple way to see the estimated monthly and annual utility cost of a specific single-family property. Use the tool to help your clients see beyond a property’s list price and consider projected utility costs before they buy.

  • Tell your clients to navigate to www.REcolorado.com and begin a home search
  • For all single family detached properties, the home’s UtilityScore will be shown, along with detailed and accurate information about the home.
  • Each UtilityScore is based on a 1-100 scale, with 100 representing very low utility bills and 1 representing very high utility bills.