Changes at TRELORA

The following announcement was recently made by TRELORA:

TRELORA is revolutionizing how people buy and sell homes, making real estate as simple, transparent, affordable, and easily understood as possible. Since we work with you every day, we’d like to share some changes that we’re making at TRELORA.

First, in order to provide the best possible experience for our sellers, we are now recommending that they offer a 2.8% commission in most situations. The ultimate decision, of course, remains up to sellers.

Second, because we value excellence we will be asking for your feedback via online surveys when we work with you so we can continue to improve your experience and the service we provide.

Third, our sellers may choose to market their homes in new ways. You could see marketing materials that will encourage conversations about a variety of cash and financial incentives available to buyers.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to bring sellers and buyers together.

For more information, contact Joshua Hunt at 303.886.3000 or visit