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Buyers and Sellers value expertise. To earn their business, align the services you provide with their expectations. Do you know how to dig deeper and out-perform the competition by demonstrating your expertise?

Use Public Records

Learn how to use your REcolorado Public Record tools to access: Owner Names, Value Estimates, Property Histories including FSBOs, Assessment and Tax Information, Duration of Ownership, and Mortgage Information. Learn how your REcolorado Public Record tools can help you in prospecting, generating distribution lists, and creating mailing labels.

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Realist: Accessing Public Records Recorded Webinar | Live Online

Public Record Information in Matrix Recorded Webinar | Live Online

Build a Pipeline

Creating a pipeline of predictable business reaching into the future can be the most difficult part of a successful real estate professional’s career. Farming is one of the strategies used by real estate professionals to build and maintain business pipelines. Whether you are attempting to identify a lucrative farm or are recalibrating a current farm, your REcolorado tools can help.           

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Farming: How Your REcolorado Tools Enable You to Identify, Maintain, and Profit from a Farm Recorded Webinar | Live Online

Remine: Visualizing Actionable Intel Recorded Webinar | Live Online

Homesnap Live Online

Strengthen Client Relationships

Are you engaged with and providing a service to potential clients and past clients? Building and maintaining a profitable pipeline of predictable business reaching into the future requires this. Explore how your REcolorado tools can help you maintain and strengthen relationships with clients not in the active buy/sell process.

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Keep In Touch with Past, Present, and Future Clients Recorded Webinar | Live Online