Training that Evolves with You

You keep your phone up-to-date with the latest software. You post updates to social media channels. Even your home requires some renovation every now and then. As your needs evolve, you look for solutions to stay relevant.

That’s true for your business as well. Real estate evolves, and your needs change. It’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tricks, and training from REcolorado. As your needs evolve, we bring innovative solutions to meet them.

Evolving Needs of Real Estate Agents

As the real estate industry grows and new technology comes to the market, your needs change too. Real estate brokers look for new time-saving tricks to be more efficient, automated tools to help stay in touch with clients, and proven solutions for finding more potential clients.

To better serve you, our subscribers, REcolorado is committed to ongoing innovation to meet your evolving needs. That means we work hard to deliver the very best real estate tools that you need for your business.

The products and services we offer continue to evolve as we incorporate your suggestions and the latest technology into existing tools and introduce new ones. As your needs change, so do the solutions we offer you. But for you to get the most out of them, our training must evolve too.

Learn the Latest Tips and Tricks

A fancy new piece of technology doesn’t do you any good unless you know how to use it. Every new development, enhancement, and release also comes with updated training resources, so you’ll always get the most accurate information. When there’s a more efficient way to do something, we update our curriculum. As we learn new tricks, we share them with you!

REcolorado training evolves with you. As your needs develop, whether you’re a new real estate agent needing to learn the basics or a seasoned pro looking for advanced guidance, our experienced training team offers diverse classes to match your needs. And if you learn better with self-guided training, you can take advantage of on-demand training resources available online.

Even if you’ve taken a class before, there’s more to learn. With instructions tailored to your needs, and incorporating new things we’ve learned, you can get the most relevant information and always take away something new from the class.

I was a Metrolist expert back in the day and took this course to get ‘caught up’ with all the changes REcolorao has brought to bear on the system. It was surprising to me how many short cuts were available to me that I was not using! I look forward to taking several more classes to hone my skill set even more.

Robert Osgood, Osgood Team Real Estate

Case in Point: Public Records in REcolorado Matrix

Take, for example, Matrix + Realist All In One. This enhancement combined two tools at the core of your business, REcolorado Matrix, and Realist, to give you a powerful way to look at the real estate market. Bringing public records into REcolorado Matrix also gave you several more efficient ways to find the information you need without leaving the platform.

So, we set to work. We learned the system inside and out to find new tricks, shortcuts, and ways to customize your experience. Then we built them into our training resources so that you could have the same knowledge!

Check out Training Resources about Public Records in Matrix >>

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