Track Listings Performance with REcolorado Listing Metrics

REcolorado Listing Metrics provides you with performance statistics for all of your listings. The tool is easily accessible from your CONNECT dashboard and has a fresh, new look and is now more user-friendly than ever. You can use the tool throughout the year to see how your listings are performing across various internet sites and compare the activity on your listings to similar listings. This allows you to effectively monitor the impact of price changes or other updates you’ve made to your listings.

REcolorado Listing Metrics Marketing Online








Additional Benefits

  • Easily see how many views, shares, saves, and inquiries you’ve received from, IDX websites, and syndication channels
  • View the activity in a combined graph and then drill down to each listing individually
  • Generate a weekly Sellers Report for your clients to show how their home is performing online
  • View historical data and performance on off-market properties