Townhouse Replaces Rowhouse Structure Type

As you navigate REcolorado Matrix, you’ll notice a new Structure Type: Townhouse. Townhouse replaced Rowhouse in REcolorado Matrix to reflect how brokers and consumers frequently refer to this type of structure.

What is Changing?

Any listing that had Rowhouse selected will now appear with the new Townhouse Structure Type.

Saved Searches and Auto Emails that include criteria for Structure Type have updated the Rowhouse selection to the new Townhouse option.

Additionally, IDX vendors have been notified about this change. All Active and Pending status listings should also be updated on IDX websites to reflect the change from Rowhouse to Townhouse.

Townhouse Property Subtype vs. Townhouse Structure Type

The term Townhouse appears under both Property Subtype and Structure Type.

Property Subtype is defined by the type of ownership. If the legal description includes Townhome, TWN, TWHM, or a variant thereof, the Property Subtype should be Townhouse.

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Structure Type describes how the property looks. Townhouse is replacing the current structure type called Rowhouse. A townhouse is defined by RESO as, “a dwelling unit, generally having two or more floors and attached to other similar units via party walls.”

Property Type, Property Subtype, and Structure Type

  • Use the Dictionary of Property Types to help you select the correct Property Type and Subtype.
  • According to RESO, the Property Subtype is defined by the type of ownership, which can be determined by the legal description or how the property is deeded. 
  • The Structure Type describes the structure in which the unit/property is located, or the physical appearance of the property.  Selecting the correct Property Subtype will give you applicable structure types.

If you have questions about this change, please contact REcolorado Customer Care at