The Top Three Don’ts of Closing Gifts

First impressions are important; everyone knows that. But in the real estate world, your last impression is arguably just as important as your first. Make sure you give a closing gift, and make sure it isn’t an off-color one.

  • Not giving anything. Although a closing gift isn’t expected, your client will appreciate that you went above and beyond. The gift doesn’t need to be lavish, especially if you’re a new agent on a fixed budget, but do your research and come up with something that will leave your client with a smile. If you’re looking for gift ideas, eProperty Extra (available from your CONNECT dashboard under the REcolorado Subscriber Resources section), is a great place to shop for gifts. Additionally, you can invite your clients to use it as a bonus closing gift.
  • No company logos, please. Your client doesn’t want anything with your company logo on it. This gift is about them, not you. A gift with a printed logo on it means it was probably mass produced, which is about as impersonal as you could get.
  • Unintentionally offending your client. Perhaps you have a client who has a nut allergy of which you were unaware. You thought your basket of gourmet sweets would go over well, but…not so much. You can avoid this situation by having three gifts in mind. At closing, politely mention to your client that you usually give closing gifts and you’d like to know which of the three gifts they might prefer.

What gifts do you give your clients? Let us know in the comments below!