Tools to Serve your Clients

Your REcolorado subscription gives you access to more than just MLS listing data. With powerful tools and integrations, you can share valuable information to assist your clients with their home search.


Clients concerned about flooding? With access through your REcolorado subscription, MyFloodStatus makes Flood Determination reports available to you at a discounted rate. Learn more >>

Walk Score

If walkability of a neighborhood is a top priority for your client, use Walk Score! From a listing on, you can quickly see a home’s walk, transit, and bike scores. Walk Score rates homes on a scale from 0 to 100 based on walkable access to stores and amenities. It also provides scores for public transit and bike-friendly neighborhoods. Search Homes on >>

walk score transit bike screenshot

INRIX Drive Time

Want to search based on commute time? INRIX Drive Time is the tool for you and your clients! The Drive Time button allows you and your clients to search for a home based on commute time, to or from a specific location at a specific time. You can easily access INRIX Drive Time from a map search in REcolorado Matrix by clicking the car icon above the map. Plus, INRIX Drive Time is just one of many client portal map perks

How to Use the INRIX Drive Time Tool >>

REcolorado Matrix map INRIX Drive Time tool

New Home Source Pro

If your client is interested in new construction, take advantage of integrated data available through New Home Source Pro. Add New Home Source Pro to your search in REcolorado Matrix. Learn more >>

Find even more tools available through your REcolorado subscription through your CONNECT dashboard!