Tom Ferry Explains How to Create Your Best Year Ever

Tom Ferry Explains How Ambition and Innovation will Help You Create Your Best Year Ever

As a real-estate agent, your goal is to be as successful and productive as possible every year. You want this year, next year, and the year following to be your Best Year Ever (BYE), even if you don’t think about it in those exact terms. That’s why is challenging you to remove the ambiguity and make achieving your BYE 2017’s goal. In his recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, which you can view here in full, free of charge, Tom Ferry discussed what it takes to create your BYE. We’ve also gathered some of Ferry’s thoughts on the important roles of ambition and innovation in BYE-achievement, viewable below.


In his webinar, Ferry pointed out that only “a very small percentage of the people on the planet hear something that resonates and…take massive action.” These people are the truly ambitious. They know what they want and they “take massive action” to make it happen.

Throughout his webinar, Ferry stressed that identifying your dreams (a habit characteristic of the ambitious) is essential to success. He advises writing down and putting lists of your dreams where you will see them every day. Besides containing long term goals, these lists should have everything you want to do to make 2017 your BYE.

Once you know what you want, being dissatisfied with your current results will help you find the willpower to make a change. As Ferry stated, “Dissatisfaction is a symptom of an ambitious person.”

Knowing what you want and being dissatisfied with your current status will lead you to change your routine, the third part of capitalizing on your ambition. According to Ferry, “If you don’t adjust your marketing, if you don’t improve your conversions, if you don’t increase your output of contacts, leads, appointments, opportunities, if you don’t change your routine, you don’t get a better result, my friend. It’s all about the routine.”


Having ambition doesn’t guarantee success. According to Ferry, successful business people have a lot of shared traits. One of these traits is targeted innovation: determining where to innovate to become “the obvious agent of choice” in potential clients’ eyes. After all, there are a “plethora of brands and millions of agents” and Ferry asks, “what do you do in the lineup to have you stand out?”

The word innovation is often associated with technology, but as Ferry points out, “Getting a new iPhone is not innovation. Getting a new website is not innovation. Innovation is how you are driving traffic to it and what you do once you get it.”

Ferry also reminded us that “there are a lot of different ways to innovate.” Consider asking yourself questions like “how do I serve more?”, “how do I touch more customers?”, and “how do I bring more value?” when thinking of ways to bring innovation into your business, “because the more value you bring, the more trust you bring, the more clients you earn.”

As we move into the new year, reignite your ambition and start thinking of ways to innovate with the free 2017 Social Media and Business Planning Checklists. You can also call us at (888) 651-8956 or send an email to to learn how’s products and services can help you create your BYE.

By Hannah Graham, Marketing Coordinator at