5 Listing Entry Tips That Can Help You Save Time

Know the Matrix Property Types

One of the most basic ways homebuyers and their brokers search for a property is by property type. There are several property types in REcolorado Matrix, and so selecting the correct type for your listing will ensure that it’s found by the right people.

Complete A Listing Input Form During Your Listing Appointment

Preparing things ahead of time will ensure you have what you need to start your listing appointment on the right foot and impress your client. Before your next appointment, confirm the property type so you can take a print out of the correct listing input form. If you have your laptop with you, you can save the interactive PDF on your computer and fill on the go. We have PDF forms available for all the property types on the Resource Center (available from the REcolorado Training & Information section of your CONNECT dashboard) so you can go through each field/option together with your client. Then, use the form to quickly enter the listing yourself or submit it to a member of your team so they can easily enter the details.

Pro Tip: If you have your laptop or phone and an internet connection, you can enter a listing directly in REcolorado Matrix MLS and Save as Incomplete to review again before making the listing Active.

Pretend Every Field is Required

You’re already a part of REcolorado—the largest broker-to-broker network in Colorado—which provides incredible visibility for you and your seller’s property. But filling in information for every field/option you can during listing entry, not just the ones marked with an asterisk (*), can help you maximize that visibility. Your seller’s property will turn up more often in searches run by other agents, which increases your chances of selling the home in the least amount of time possible. That’s value you and your clients can take to the bank.

Use the Square Footage Companion

Calculating accurate square footage can be tricky even for long-time agents. We recommend using the Square Footage Companion to help you confirm which square footage fields to use for your property’s style and type. The Companion helps to keep listing details consistent, so everyone using REcolorado Matrix can find appropriate comparable properties for their reports.

Use Fill From Realist Tax

Want a head start on entering an accurate listing? When you’re ready to enter your listing into REcolorado Matrix, you can select the ‘Fill from Realist Tax’ option to automatically add the address, legal description, and tax info.

Pro Tip: Keep it simple. Only use three specific fields on the Fill From Realist search menu to help the system find your property.

  • County
  • Street Number
  • Street Name