It’s Time for the Front Range to Unite!

REcolorado is excited to lead the way to create one MLS for the Colorado Front Range. More and more, we’re hearing big brokers and agents saying what we’ve been saying all along – data sharing doesn’t work and it’s not a solution worth pursuing. That’s why we’ll continue to work with managing brokers to collect feedback and create a plan of action to move this effort forward.

Recently, we’ve received a lot of support and encouragement from those who believe this initiative is absolutely in the best interest of brokers, agents, appraisers and consumers. Here’s what our supporters have been saying:

“IRES saying “no,” to being bought by REcolorado works against their agents and their agent’s Sellers – because it limits exposure for Sellers. Having two different MLS systems is like saying that you have to carry one iPhone with you for “Denver,” calls and another for calls to the rest of the “Front Range.” Would you carry two iPhones with you?

Years ago, REcolorado dumped its home grown system because a better system was available.  IRES still runs its own online MLS, which is home grown. As a user of both systems, REcolorado’s is much more intuitive.”

– Ben Fiedler

“As Employing Broker for Your Castle Realty I’m a member of both IRES and REcolorado.  Over the years I’ve seen our brokers complain that they have to join both mls’s in order to get complete and accurate data if they work in geographic areas where the two cross over. Having to work in two different systems with different fields and reports just doesn’t make sense any more.  With the continued convergence of the Denver Metro area into one consolidated market the question isn’t if a single mls solution will be necessary, it’s when.  I personally think that time has come and we should – as an industry – focus on consolidation for the benefit of the public and brokers. “ 

– Cary Sanger

“REcolorado is run by a board of directors who is voted into the position by our local boards. DMAR, SMDRA, Aurora. They are voted and appointed. REcolorado is owned by these boards. The areas and number of agents is 4 times the size of IRES. IRES is built on 15-year-old technology and is a 1 off system and REcolorado is on a system provided by Core Logic and at least 1/2 of the top MLSs by size in the nation run on this system.”

–  Scot Nordby

“I have to agree with Scott and the MLS board on this one. We have to have long-term thinking on this one. I was an agent before we had data sharing and have been both an IRES and REcolorado member for 16 years. The only way to get a single MLS is to *stop* sharing data. You all know that change is hard – we have had a lot of it lately. But you only change when you have to accomplish your goals. This is the best way to get IRES agents on board for a single MLS. Otherwise, they will always vote to stay with what they know.”

–  Wendy Atkinson

REcolorado is a scalable organization with the stability, resources, technology and personnel to lead this effort to create One Front Range MLS. We’ll continue to move forward with our action plan in an effort to provide all Front Range real estate professionals with the tools they need to better serve their clients and build thriving business for themselves.