Technology Continues to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

REcolorado was a proud sponsor of the 2018 RESO Spring Technology Summit this week. RESO develops data standards and processes that we use to help streamline the real estate transaction process for you.

English, Please

If the last sentence in the paragraph above means nothing to you, you’re not alone. Basically, because REcolorado is RESO certified, it means we can more quickly implement technology tools and services. This, in turn, means that Colorado brokers who subscribe to REcolorado will always have access to the latest and greatest industry offerings.

Talk Techy to Me

Several members of our in-house technology team attend the RESO conference and talk technology with other top MLSs and technology partners. When the brightest minds in the country come together, new business opportunities and collaborations arise, and problems and challenges that plague the real estate industry are addressed and solved.

Why Should I Care

We’re telling you all of this because it’s our goal to provide you affordable access to the tools you need to efficiently run your business. A thriving real estate industry depends on real estate professionals continuing to give their clients what they need. You shouldn’t have to use antiquated systems that frustrate you and your clients. Technology continues to revolutionize the industry, and it allows professionals to climb the ladder of success faster than ever before. And you can count on REcolorado to stay at the forefront of the tech movement.

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