T-Minus 2 Days Until Listing Data Checker (LDC) Relaunch

Over the past few weeks, you’ve received emails about a handy tool called Listing Data Checker (LDC) that will be relaunching on May 1 for REcolorado subscribers in Northern Colorado.

Here are the basics:

  • If LDC identifies a potential error on a listing you’ve submitted, it’ll send you an email notification as a friendly heads-up. You’ll want to watch for that email and correct the error in a timely manner, because ignoring the notification twice may result in a fine being assessed.
  • After you enter your listing into REcolorado Matrix, you can use Listing Compliance Check to make sure your listing details line up with REcolorado Rules and Regulations.
  • You can use the ReportIt button from the Full Property View of any listing in Matrix MLS to let us know about any potential discrepancies you find on other listings.

LDC Helps Facilitate Consistent Listing Entry

When everyone enters listings using the same rules, it makes information much easier to find in REcolorado’s Matrix MLS. LDC helps makes sure listings are entered according to the REcolorado Rules and Regulations.

Not all members are pictured

Using feedback from their constituents like you, the REcolorado Rules and Regulations Committee helps maintain and enhance the REcolorado Rules and Regulations so Matrix MLS continues to be a valuable business tool for real estate professionals. The REcolorado Rules and Regulations Committee is a group of brokers and appraisers from REALTOR® associations across the state. Contact your Committee members today >>