The Difference Between Syndication and IDX

Both syndication and IDX are types of data distribution, but they are different concepts. As a REcolorado subscriber, you determine where the listing is displayed, and that decision is often made with your client. Here is an overview of syndication and IDX, so you can educate your seller on the available options to market their home.


Syndication is when you agree to distribute a listing to a third-party publisher, such as Zillow or, to help market that listing. When you add a listing to REcolorado, you can pick and choose your syndication options. In other words, we won’t syndicate the listing anywhere without you telling us to do so. Plus, it’s important to note that we’ve worked with those third-party companies to negotiate a syndication partnership that works in your favor (think: it’s your listing and should be your lead). Learn More >>


IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, is when a broker or brokerage opts-in to share their listing(s) with other brokers and brokerages for the public to see. If your office allows sharing listings via IDX, then you have the option to allow your listing to appear in IDX feeds typically seen on the homepages of brokerage websites, and on a broker’s individual website. Consumers who visit those websites can view your listing, and other area listings. IDX helps brokerages and brokers increase website traffic. Click here for a list of approved IDX Vendors for REcolorado if you’re interested in exploring IDX sites.

Note: Your office may allow sharing listings via IDX, but you and your seller might agree that it’s not a good option. In that case, you can prevent the listing from going to IDX by tweaking your Internet Display options.

Pro Tip: Use Listing Metrics to see how many views, shares, and saves your listing is receiving from Matrix. You can also see information from, IDX and syndication sites. To get started, click the Listing Metrics button from your CONNECT dashboard.

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