Stay Engaged with your Sphere Using REcolorado Matrix

Staying engaged with your sphere is so important. That’s why REcolorado gives you so many ways to seamlessly communicate with your clients.

You’re already familiar with the REcolorado Matrix Client Portal, so you know how great it is for sharing listings with your client.

But did you know about notifications?

REcolorado Matrix Notifications

REcolorado Matrix notifications can save you time while keeping you constantly in the loop.

You can easily turn on activity notifications so you’re alerted by email or text when your client is active in their portal. Pick and choose the alerts you receive, including when your client saves or removes a favorite, adds a search, and more.

How to: Activate Client Portal Activity Notifications

Auto Emails

REcolorado also lets you easily set up auto emails for your clients – but you’re probably familiar with that, too. If not, here are a couple great resources:

Video: Auto Emails

How to: Create an Auto Email

Contacts View

One shortcut you may not know about is the Contacts View in REcolorado Matrix. This area lets you quickly see everything associated with an individual client in Matrix. From here, you can easily print listing notes, review auto emails, find search results, and more – all specific to an individual client.

Find the Right Communication Tools for You and Your Client

In addition to Matrix, REcolorado gives you access to other powerful tools to stay in touch with your clients, like Homesnap and

For sellers, don’t forget about Listing Metrics and the weekly sellers report.

Keep in touch with past clients using tools like ePropertyWatch and Homebot.

We give you options so you can choose the communication tools that work best for you and your client.

Check out these training classes to find even more ways to stay engaged with your clients:

Training Class: Matrix: Communication Tools

Training Class: Keep in Touch with Past, Present, and Future Clients