Stats Here, Stats There, Easily Pull Stats Without Pulling Out Your Hair

Statistics are an invaluable part of your business. You use the information to position yourself as the local expert so you can successfully grow your business. That’s why we make it easy for you to pull the reports you need from platforms like Matrix, InfoSparks and FastStats. In addition to offering you these platforms, REcolorado produces monthly market stats and we help the REALTOR® associations produce monthly reports.

If you want to explore the power of these stats tools, we recommend attending the REcolorado training class Market Intel.

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InfoSparks is a mobile-ready, simple-to-use interactive stats product that combines local geography with customizable housing variables, timeframes, and market metrics. You can use it to quickly analyze and share trend data in a clean, intuitive interface.

You can pull stats for the entire REcolorado market area or break it down by city, zip code, county, and even by REALTOR® Association.

Zac Nelson, a Coldwell Banker residential broker, used InfoSparks recently to showcase his knowledge of market appreciation in the Globeville area. He was featured in this segment on KDVR.

“The average sales price [for Globeville] was in the beginning of 2014 about $125,000. Today, it’s $269,000,” Nelson said.


FastStats is a tidy, map-based interface that displays the most current reports, as well as a history of reports going back as far as 2012. Simply select from a drop-down menu or from a map of the local region and it’ll generate a report for you that includes Change in New Listings, Change in Sold Listings and Change in Median Sold Price.

Click the green ‘Association and MSA Reports’ button to access cutomized REALTOR® Association options.

Matrix Stats

You can also generate stats directly from Matrix. Hover your mouse over the Stats tab and choose the category that works best for you. Then, you can choose from a list of system presets, or customize your settings. Once you’ve selected the fields (price, location, property type, etc.) you want to display, simply click the blue ‘Generate’ button.