Showcase Your Expertise With Market Stats Reports

Through your REcolorado subscription, you have access to a variety of tools that help you showcase your local market expertise. From general market overviews to targeted, in-depth reports, read on for four tools that can give you the market stats info you need to best serve your clients and impress your prospects.

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Market Intel (2CE)
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REcolorado Monthly Market Watch

  • A market overview published and produced by REcolorado at the beginning of each month
  • Available in the Stats and News section of the REcolorado Professionals Blog
  • A consumer-digest version is available each month on the Colorado Home Blog
  • Pro Tip: Share the Market Watch with your clients and on social media to show general trends throughout the Front Range market

market stats tools REcolorado MatrixMatrix Statistics

  • Pull market statistics from Matrix
  • Select a system preset or easily customize your options
  • Generate stats for a specific neighborhood to use in your listing presentation to show your in-depth market stats knowledge
  • Pro Tip: Once you’ve earned the client, use Matrix to generate a CMA

Matrix: Generate Market Intel >>

market stats tools REcolorado InfoSparksInfoSparks

  • An interactive statistics tool
  • Available from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard at no extra cost
  • Pro Tip: Analyze and share specific trend data with clients and prospects to highlight your local expertise

Understanding the InfoSparks Dashboard >>

market stats tools REcolorado FastStatsFastStats

  • Generate one-page reports that detail Change in New Listings, Change in Sold Listings, and Change in Median Sold Price by month
  • Available through the InfoSparks platform; click the FastStats tab
  • Pro Tip: Include a FastStats report in your next listing presentation

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