Take Control of Your Showing Schedule with Showami

It seems like the minute you have an important event planned, like your child’s school play or a weekend getaway, a client calls and needs to see a home as soon as possible. Instead of canceling your plans, you can use Showami—a tool designed to give real estate professionals more control over their schedule.

With Showami, you can immediately contact a licensed real estate professional to open the door for your client when you can’t be there, without fear of losing that client or any of your commission.

How It Works

Showami was created by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. It’s not a prospecting service, but rather a community of agents who are there to help each other out. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for free.
  • Pay $39 to Showami to schedule a showing assistant.
  • The showing assistant will meet your client at the property to open the door. The showing assistant does not offer opinion of value, condition or location.
  • Showami pays the showing assistant for showing the property.

The showing assistant does not receive any of your commission, you get to keep your client, and your client stays happy. It’s a win-win-win.

Showami Has Your Back

According to a survey conducted by Showami, 85 percent of agents surveyed said they have shown homes for other agents, and 78 percent of agents said they have had other agents show homes on their behalf.

Showami is building on something that’s already happening in Colorado real estate, with one key difference: the amount of time it takes you to schedule a replacement. When you leverage Showami’s network of local agents, you can schedule a replacement in minutes.

I just signed up for Showami and submitted my first request. The showing need was filled in a matter of minutes and I had the home under contract within 24 hours! All the while, I was in Breckenridge with my family. Thank you! It was very easy to use and I’m excited about this new service. —Hope H.

Hope kept her client, kept her entire $10,000+ commission, and enjoyed a family vacation, all while still providing excellent service to her client.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Sign up today to take control of your schedule or make a little extra money as a showing assistant. It’s free to sign up and there aren’t any monthly fees. Showami is strictly a pay-per-showing service.

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