Search Tips for your Clients

When searching for properties, start broad and narrow your results until you reach the highest and best results for your client. This is especially helpful when inventory is tight – if your search criteria is too specific, you might miss homes that could suit your client’s needs.

Start with the Map

The map is the easiest way to narrow results to only the geographic area(s) that interests your client.

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Include Multiple Property Types and Subtypes

If your buyer is open to multiple types of properties, select all that apply. For example, if your buyer is considering attached properties, include Condominium, Townhouse, and Multi-Family Property Subtypes in your search.

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Search Required Fields

You can’t be sure the listing agent completed all the fields during listing entry, but there are certain fields you know where included: Required Fields. Cross reference the listing input forms to know which fields were required.

REcolorado Resource Center: Listing Input Forms >>

Pro Tip: When entering a listing, complete as many fields as possible. The more complete a listing, the more likely it will attract the right buyer!

Use Carts

If you want to curate a list of homes your buyers might consider from a wide results set, use carts! Matrix carts allow you to pick and choose which homes you include. Easily share a cart with your clients in the Client Portal or email. ‘

Recorded Webinar: What are Carts and How can they Help You >>

Use Wildcards and Special Characters

Avoid too-specific criteria by using wildcards. Adding special characters to your search criteria allows you to conduct more flexible, powerful searches in REcolorado Matrix.

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For additional search tips, check out these training resources: