Search New Construction by RV Garage Filter with NewHomeSource Professional

! Please review the following information for your staff. We will be sending out a flyer soon to announce these updates to your members. Please reach out if you have any questions and don’t forget out upcoming webinar – “Help your buyers and boost your business with new builds – NHS Pro” on April 21st. I have re-shared the details and registration link below the updates.

Search New Construction Listings by RV Garage Filter

You can now search for communities that allow RV Garages from the search results using the “More” filter. From your search, click “More” and select RV Garage underneath Other Features.

Share Listings, Represent Buyers

When you share a NewHomeSource Professional listing on Facebook, you’ll see a new disclaimer-type message. The message clarifies that an agent is available to show the listing or community and represents a buyer, not the builder. You can also provide your own message about showing the property. This message will help facilitate an improved relationship with builders new to NHS Pro, and fix the issue of cutting off the description for the post that happens for some agents.

New Home Source Pro Webinars: May 2022

10 Reasons New Homes Sales Make Your Job Easier!

New homes have been known to be the easiest ‘sell’ in real estate. And compared to resales, new homes are getting easier to sell every day. Even when a resale is found, the price is not the price, the home may need work, the commission may be negotiated, and multiple offers are common. While this can also be true with new homes, it’s not usually: when prices, commissions, or incentives change, you know you can count on what you are told, with one confirming phone call.

You will learn that new homes are the most accessible homes to find, show and close. NewHomeSource Professional recognizes that there is a lot of change happening in the new build market right now, and there are pockets of builders modifying their commissions, incentives, and bonus programs on top of that. All this can make it difficult, at times, to know what to do or say. Don’t let that stop you! In this webinar, you will learn what you DO need and what you DON’T need in order to be successful at selling and closing new homes.

One of the real estate profession’s most respected thought leaders, and the founder of New Home Co-broker Academy, David Fletcher will be sharing ten easy ways to make sales in a way you will never forget. Register now. You will be glad you did. Stay to the end where David will be announcing a special discount for attendees who want to take his popular course: How To Build A New Homes Niche.

When: May 10, 2022, 9:00 AM Mountain | Register >>

Help your buyers and boost your business with new builds – NHS Pro

Make more money and work less! NewHomeSource Professional is the best FREE platform for earning new construction seller and buyer leads. Show and sell new construction homes—virtually, or one-on-one by appointment. Builders are making the process easier in today’s digital environment.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • How to activate your private account.
  • How to earn seller and buyer leads with your agent-branded ShowingNew page (with 120,000 new homes on it).
  • How to post new construction homes directly to your social media accounts and keep all the leads you earn, for FREE!
  • How to contact builders and schedule one-on-one appointment for your buyer or schedule virtual showings.

When: May 5, 2022, 11:30 AM | Register >>

When: May 17, 2022, 11:00 AM | Register >>

How to Work with Builders to Sell & Show New Homes

Learn How To Work with Builders – New homes can meet the needs of your buyers resulting in more closings!

  • Changes in the Industry: Keep up to date on builders and new communities.
  • New Homes Are in Demand: Online searches for new homes are the way buyers start their home search.
  • New Homes Are Easy to Show: Online tools, virtual tours on FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, and in-person tours by appointment.
  • Partner With Builders: NHS Pro is helping make it easier for agents to register their buyer and to schedule virtual tours.

When: May 25, 2022, 1:00 PM | Register >>