How To Search for Bedrooms in 7 Easy Steps

REcolorado Matrix can help you find properties for buyers who have specific or more general bedroom needs. For example, let’s say you need at least two bedrooms, plus a loft. Follow the steps below to make certain your search includes all of the options.

Search for Bedrooms in REcolorado Matrix

  1. Search > Residential 
  2. Select Loft from the drop-down menu under Room Type. Then click the More button to add another line.
  3. In the second line select Den.
  4. Under Bedrooms and Bathrooms add 2+ in the Total column. The + sign is added after the 2 to indicate to the system that it should pull listings with 2 or more bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  5. Make sure to include your buyer’s other important criteria like city, price or status.

If you have any questions on how to search for a property with specific criteria, reach out to Customer Care. They’re always happy to help! Call (303) 850.9576, option 1 or send an email to