Saved Searches and Auto Emails: There’s a Difference

One of the most basic functions of REcolorado Matrix is generating a listing search. This means you’ve gone to the Search tab, entered your criteria, and have generated a display of property listings. Once you’ve done this, you might want to save the search for later or send the search results to a client. We’ve outlined both options below. The takeaway is this: saving a search and associating that saved search with a contact does not mean that you’ve sent that contact an auto email.

Creating a Saved Search

Once you’ve generated a display of property listings, you can scroll down to the bottom of the search and click the ‘Save’ button. When you do that, you’re presented with two options: create a ‘New Saved Search’ or create a ‘New Auto Email’ (more on that below). When you create a ‘New Saved Search’ this means that you’re telling the system to save that search to your Saved Searches section, so you can reference it later.

When you save a search, you have the option to associate that search with a contact. If you choose to do this, the system will ask you to fill in information for that contact, including an email address. Filling in that contact information doesn’t mean you’re actually sending that search to the contact. It simply means you’re associating that search with a contact. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that includes screenshots >>

Sending an Auto Email 

When you’re ready to send the search results to a contact, also called an Auto Email, simply click the ‘New Auto Email’ button on the bottom of your search results page. (You do not need to save the search first, but if you did save the search first and you’re now coming back to send an Auto Email, you can either select the contact you created when you initially saved the search or create an entirely new contact. Just be sure not to create a duplicate contact, though.) You’ll notice there are several additional steps you’ll need to take to make sure the Auto Email looks the way you want it to and will send only when you want it to. Once you click ‘Save,’ the contact will soon receive a Welcome Email introducing them to the REcolorado Matrix Client Portal and will then receive recurring emails as you’ve specified. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that includes screenshots >>