Input Listings at Your Own Pace with ‘Save As Incomplete,’ then Share to the MLS with ‘Coming Soon’

When you are entering a listing into REcolorado Matrix, you do not have to complete the entire listing in one session. You can use Save As Incomplete to save your work at any point and come back to it later, which is one of the many benefits of REcolorado Matrix!

What’s the difference between “Incomplete” and “Coming Soon”?

Incomplete is not a status, but rather a way to save your listing while it is in progress. It is similar to the “Incoming” status you may have known before the launch of the new REcolorado Matrix, but is no longer considered a status. You can edit and make changes to your Incomplete listings.

Coming Soon is a status, which helps you comply with NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy by making your listing visible to the entire MLS. You can begin marketing your listing while it is in Coming Soon status, but cannot hold showings. Coming Soon listings are visible to all brokers in REcolorado Matrix, so listing history will also be visible. Days in MLS do not accrue in Coming Soon status.

How to Save as Incomplete

  1. Login to REcolorado Matrix and click the ‘Input’ tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Property Type
  3. Select either Fill from Realist, Fill from Existing Listing, or Start with a Blank Listing
  4. Enter the appropriate Property Subtype, Structure Type, Association (HOA), Restrictions and Covenants, and Tax Legal Description. Please remember, you cannot go back to the Start Listing Tab and update these fields after you move from on to the next tabs, so be sure the information you enter is accurate.  
  5. Enter the additional information you have for the listing, including the Listing Agent ID, which is required for the listing to be Saved as Incomplete.
  6. Click the ‘Save as Incomplete’ button
  7. You’ll then see ‘Input Succeeded’ (aka “saved”)

Save as Incomplete vs. Submit Property

When you’re entering a listing in REcolorado Matrix, you’ll see four buttons at the bottom of the page.  

REcolorado Matrix Listing Input Button Bar
  • Save as Incomplete – Clicking this button saves your listing so you can edit it later. We recommend using “Save as Incomplete” until you’re ready to make your listing public. 
  • Validate – To save time, use the “Validate” button to quickly see which fields are required during listing input. Look for those marked with an exclamation mark in a red circle. 
  • Cancel – Click this to discard your listing.  
  • Submit Property – Your listing will not be available for others to view in REcolorado Matrix until you click “Submit Property.” Click this button to submit the listing to the MLS for the first time, or to save changes made on an already viewable listing. 

Important Note: Save as Incomplete is different from the Coming Soon Status. You can edit and make changes to an Incomplete Listing before marketing it. In the Coming Soon status, listings are viewable to brokers. For more information, please take a look at the ABCs of Matrix Statuses

How long can my listing be Incomplete? 

Incomplete listings are stored in REcolorado Matrix for 60 days. Additionally, each edit you make will restart this 60 day period.

When you Save as Incomplete, the listing does not accrue DIM since it is not Active. For more information, please take a look at Everything You Need to Know About Days In MLS (DIM)

Finding your Incomplete Listings

Accessing your Incomplete listings is simple! Once you save a listing as Incomplete it will be available on your REcolorado Matrix home tab under the “My Listings” widget.

Incomplete Listings Matrix Home Tab

Ready to Make Your Listing Active or Coming Soon?

Once you have entered all the listing information for a property and are ready to move it to Active or Coming Soon status, select “Active” or “Coming Soon” from the dropdown menu under the Status tab. Then click the Submit Property button. You will then see the “Input Succeeded” notification letting you know your listing is available in REcolorado Matrix. 

We’re here for you as you continue using the new REcolorado Matrix system. Please contact us at 303.850.9576, option 1, or if you have questions or need more information.