Stay Safe and Connected with ArriveHome New Features: ‘Ghost Modes’ and ‘My Clients’

In today’s real estate world, it’s important for agents to protect themselves. Home showings, open houses, and even general back-and-forth communications with clients require a bit of research and critical thinking. 

Agent safety is of primary importance to ArriveHome—the all-new, first-of-its-kind home search app where consumers can immediately connect with a live agent who is available right then and there to show the home. This week, the new app rolled out its highly-anticipated agent safety feature ‘Ghost Modes.’  Watch this in-depth training video to learn more.

Ghost Modes ArriveHome Showing App REcoloradoGhost Modes 

Ghost Modes gives agents the ability to control their visibility on the ArriveHome map. There are three options: 


The agent is live and is not visible on the map. In other words, the agent’s profile and distance still show up on the ‘Live Nearby Agents’ list, but consumers cannot pinpoint the agent’s exact location. 

Clients Only 

The agent is live and is visible on the map only to consumers with whom they’ve connected. 

Live on Map 

The agent is live and their location is visible to all registered users. 

My Clients New Feature ArriveHome Showing AppMy Clients 

The ArriveHome app, available exclusively to REcolorado subscribers, is a new and innovative way for agents to connect with current and potential clients. And with the ArriveHome ‘My Clients’ feature, staying connected is easier than ever before.

The new feature gives agents the ability to see who accepts their invitation. The list includes consumers who’ve accepted a direct invitation, such as email or text, and it also includes consumers who’ve clicked on the agent’s personal ArriveHome profile link via social media. 



REcolorado is proud to offer you ArriveHome as part of our commitment to bring new technology tools to the market that help you serve your clients. Get ArriveHome today for $19.95/month. Visit REcolorado Marketplace for more info.