REcolorado Rules and Regulations get some Updates

One of the benefits of having REcolorado as your MLS partner is a standard set of rules and regulations all subscribers agree to follow. You can think of these as ‘rules of the road’ that keep the flow of listing data moving smoothly for you and your clients.

Recently, REcolorado Rules and Regulations had a few updates. Keep reading to learn about the changes.

New REcolorado Matrix Required Fields

Required fields maintain accurate and consistent data in REcolorado Matrix, as well as on public-facing sites. The following fields will now be required when entering or editing a listing in REcolorado Matrix:

  • Senior Community
  • Sewer
  • Pets Allowed (Rental and Fractional listings only)

Pro Tip: To maximize your listings visibility, make sure to complete every field in listing input, even if it is not required. Doing so will help your listing show in more search results.

Training: Watch the recorded webinar, Listing Input Tips and Tricksto learn how to maximize listing exposure.

Rules that keep us aligned with NAR – Section 8.0 and 8.1 New Logos

REcolorado Rules and Regulations align with the National Association REALTORS® rules. To remain in alignment, Section 8.0 and Section 8.1, which pertain to rule enforcement, have been updated. Additionally, the MLS logos, which are used in advertising, have been updated. To find the latest MLS logos, please visit REcolorado Rules and Regulations, Section 12.3.


Many offices and agents use REcolorado to display listings on their websites through Internet Data Exchange (IDX). The latest changes to the rules accommodate design and layout configurations on limited displays, clarify participation, and strengthen broker reciprocity in Section 15.3. Additionally, agents using IDX feeds can now display all photos on Closed listings. To learn more, check out Section 15 of the rules and regulations.

Commonly-Asked Questions

Where can I find a copy of the REcolorado Rules and Regulations?

REcolorado Rules and Regulations can be accessed from your CONNECT dashboard or by clicking this link >>

Where do REcolorado rules come from?

REcolorado rules originate from several sources. Some rules are mandated by the National Association of REALTORS®, but many come from you, our subscribers. REcolorado keeps a pulse on what is happening in the industry locally, at the state level, and nationally to ensure REcolorado rules align with trends.

New rules or changes to rules are brought to the Rules and Regulations Committee. The committee is comprised of appraisers and real estate agents from across Colorado who actively buy and sell real estate – your peers! Click here to find the representatives serving your area >>

Why does REcolorado require fields on listing entry?

Required fields maintain accurate and consistent data in REcolorado Matrix. Plus, required fields ensure you are sending your clients properties that meet their specific needs. If you are searching by a specific field that was left blank by the listing broker, that property might not show up in your searches.

Pro Tip: On the search form in REcolorado Matrix, required fields are indicated with the ‘(R)’ next to the field name. When you search by required fields, you can be more confident in your search results.

Who follows REcolorado Rules and Regulations?

All REcolorado customers, no matter their access type, subscription level, or REALTOR® affiliation, follow REcolorado Rules and Regulations. You can find more details in Section 1.26 Participation.

What is Broker Reciprocity?

Broker reciprocity is a system that allows brokers to grant one another permission to display each other’s listings. The National Association of REALTORS® first introduced the Broker Reciprocity Policy in 2000 and it was made mandatory in 2002. It has since been renamed Internet Data Exchange (IDX).

Have questions about a rule or compliancy? Give us a call! Our Customer Care Team is available 6-days a week at 3030.850.9576, option 1.