The New Version of REcolorado Matrix will have Updated Field Names

The new version of REcolorado Matrix, launching in January 2020, will follow the standards defined in the RESO Data Dictionary. When it launches, there will be new field names, statuses, and property types. But don’t worry, we’ll provide help text and reference documents so you can easily navigate the new system.  

What you need to know: RESO Data Dictionary

As part of our Go RESO project, we’re updating REcolorado Matrix to follow the RESO Data Dictionary. The RESO Data Dictionary provides a standard set of field names that can be used by MLS organizations, REALTOR® associations, and technology providers. For example, using Pending instead of Under Contract.  

When we all speak the same language and share data using up-to-date technology, existing business tools can be improved and new tools can be developed faster and better.  

By updating REcolorado Matrix based on the RESO Data Dictionary, REcolorado is building a strong foundation for continued innovation for you! 

What you need to do: Read the Help Text

Don’t panic! While REcolorado Matrix will look different, the changes will ultimately make your job easier by using standardized and logical groupings of information. If you don’t recognize a field while you’re entering a listing or searching for information, you’ll be able to view help text with the definition or explanation of how to use the field. You’ll also have access to reference documents in the Matrix Help Center, including a list of key changes.  

Register to See It First: New REcolorado Matrix

Make certain you can hit the ground running. Register today and be sure to attend Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix! This is your only opportunity to see the new system before it goes live.

During this exclusive training class, our trainers will show you the new REcolorado Matrix and teach you the changing field names, along with their new definitions, new statuses, property types, and more.

This class is your chance to see the new REcolorado Matrix before it goes live. The change will happen overnight, so sign up and join the class so you can be prepared. This is very important, so we’re devoting a full week to hold classes at REcolorado and locations across Colorado so as many people can attend as possible.

See available times and locations and register using the link below:

Be Ready – It’s Coming – New REcolorado Matrix

Can’t attend one of these classes? We’ll also offer a webinar version of the class. Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks.