Rentals in Matrix

Rentals in Matrix!

You have requested it and now it is here! We are pleased to announce that you can now input and search RENTALS in Matrix!

What does this mean for you? First, you can advertise your rental properties to brokers. Also, when working with a client who is interested in a rental property, you can search Matrix for available listings and share those listings in the client portal.

Using Matrix to input and search rentals is similar to Residential Detached and Residential Attached:

  • Rental Listing Input – To add a new rental listing in Matrix, simply go to the Input tab, click Add New, and select Rental Listings Input. You’ll notice several new fields specific to rental properties.
  • Rental Status Changes – Rental listings follow the same rules as for sale properties. Use the Modify Listing form to change the status of a Rental to Leased within three business days.
  • Rental Listing Search – To search for a rental in Matrix, you’ll start on the Residential General Search – Please notice Leased has been added in the Status area and Rental has been added under Type. Search as though you are searching for a For Sale property, but select Leased and Rental, as appropriate. Available rentals will be found under Active status.

Our next step is to make Rentals available for consumers to search on Stay tuned for more information, including our launch date.

We hope you are as excited as we are about Rentals! For more information, including Questions and Answers, please take a look at our Rentals in Matrix reference sheet or look for one of our training classes. We recommend Matrix: Accessing What You Want or Matrix: If It Can’t Be Found It Can’t Be Sold.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Care at, 303.850.9613, option 1