Refresh and Relearn Your Matrix Client Portal

You’ve likely heard the phrase “new year, new you” over the past few weeks more times than you can count. *cue the eye rolls* We’re with you. And even though it’s way overused, let’s look past the words because it’s really the mindset that matters. Many of us enjoy the idea of a fresh start, and the new year simply feels like a good time to do it. As you’re thinking about what you plan to switch up this year, one thing you can quickly check off your list is your branding in Matrix. And while you’re at it, taking a couple of minutes to brush up on the perks of the Matrix Client Portal with help you continue to give your clients the best possible service.

Matrix Branding

You can add or change the contact information you want on your printed displays and reports by hovering over My Matrix and selecting My Information. From there, you can choose the header and footer image that best represents your style, customize your CMA cover sheet, and adjust your email signature. You can also change the info that displays on your Client Portal Profile, but we’re giving that its own section below.

Matrix Client Portal Branding

We’re more than your MLS, we’re your business partner, and we love helping you put your best foot forward when interacting with clients. We’ve put together these two videos on how to customize your Matrix Client Portal, so it looks exactly the way you want it to. Be sure to click on the See Related Resources links to view additional how-to documents that’ll outline some other cool customizations.

Matrix Client Portal Perks

The Client Portal is clean and easy-to-navigate, as well as mobile friendly so your clients can use it on the go. Clients can easily communicate with you through the Portal, and you can set up the system to notify you when they mark properties as favorites, possibilities, or discards. You’ll want to skim through this entire list of perks, so you’re ready to give your clients a brief overview of all the handy features that can help them find the perfect home.

OPD: 1.19 / UPD: 2.19