Help Plan the CAR REfresh Expo!

Colorado Association of REALTORS is putting together a new, extraordinary experience for real estate professionals called REfresh. But, we need real estate professionals to help us plan it! Here’s how you can get it on the action.

What Is the REfresh Expo?

It’s a new extraordinary experience for real estate professionals, in collaboration with key partners in the real estate industry (Xcel Energy, REcolorado, FirstBank, Colorado Association of REALTORS® to name a few). The Expo takes place October 10-11, 2018 at the Colorado Convention Center and will feature inspiring speakers, lively industry conversations, a dynamic expo and unmatched opportunities to engage with other industry professionals.

Why Would I Want to Participate?

You will join a group of passionate real estate professionals and help build a brand-new conference & expo experience for our industry.

What Is Expected of a Volunteer?

  • Have a passion for creating amazing experiences for people
  • Become a guerrilla marketing guru, armed with tools to help promote this new experience
  • You want to create a community for innovative and forward-thinking real estate professionals
  • Agree to meet with the advisory group 4-6 times leading up to the Expo
  • Will be an advisor and will not be involved in the implementation (unless you really want to)

How Do I Apply?

Apply by April 27

The quicker you apply, the bigger the chance of getting selected. Come join us for an experience you’ll never forget and be a part of a new and innovative industry initiative.

REfresh expo apply now volunteer

What Opportunities (Advisory Groups) Are Available?

We have six advisory groups and there will be 9-11 volunteers in each group.

Experience & Design

  • Help design the overall experience for all the participants (attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, media etc.)
  • Create an exciting layout for the entire event
  • Come up with creative engagement opportunities


  • Help design marketing campaigns
  • Communicate with media
  • Be an ambassador for this conference

Partnerships & Partner Events

  • Oversee the partner events (any approved organization that wants to host an event within the REfresh Expo)
  • Promote this opportunity to potential partners
  • Create a positive experience for the partners

Speakers & Topics

  • Research, suggest and decide on the most valuable topics
  • Review and analyze speaker proposals and select speakers
  • Oversee the speaker experience

Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Help design sponsorship opportunities and a dynamic expo
  • Make introductions to potential sponsors & exhibitors
  • Oversee the sponsor & exhibitor experience

Technology & AV

  • Help decide what technology we should utilize for this conference and how we should utilize it
  • Oversee the overall technology experience for all participants
  • This advisory group will work closely with all other advisory groups