3 Ways to Reel in an Open House Guest

By Hannah Graham with Homes.com

There are several ways you can learn the “secrets” to real estate success. One option is to toil for years trying to hone a brand-new technique. Another option is to try to get lucky and attain instant success. But if you’re smart, there’s a third option. You can tune into the free, monthly Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar program to learn from agents who have already invested the time and money necessary to formulate proven sales strategies.

National speaker, coach, and consultant Sherri Johnson was the most recent speaker on the program. She explained how you can turn an open house into the most productive 2 to 3 hours of your whole week. Watch the full webinar to find out how to begin with the end in mind, connect with your open house guests, maximize your strategy for success, and add value for potential clients. Read on for Johnson’s strategies to schedule more appointments with your open house guests.

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Ask for the appointment

Don’t wait to call your open house guests back to schedule an appointment. Delaying creates a window for them to meet other agents at other open houses or to get a call back from someone they contacted before they met you. Johnson assured her listeners that “you’ll get the appointment 90% of the time if you ask right then.”

Have a good closing script

A lot of agents get jammed up when they try to schedule the appointment. Johnson stressed that you should only ask “yes” or “no” questions when either answer would work for you. Instead of asking your open house visitors if they would like to schedule a time to look at houses, Johnson recommends you assume they already want to meet and “Give them one of two options.” Ask your visitors “What would be better for you, Thursday at five or Saturday at ten?”

Cement the relationship

A good way to work with more sellers is to offer people who come to your open house an estimate of what their home may be worth or advice on what they need to do to sell. Use a presumptive closing script to set a time to actually go to their house. Have them give you a tour so you can see all the features of their home. Pet their dog, speak to their cat. Just being in their home and talking to them face-to-face gets you one step closer to a sale. Johnson explained that “You sit at their kitchen table…and you’re no longer just an email address in their inbox.” You become a real person and that gives you a huge advantage over other agents.

To learn more ways to convert open house visitors into clients, check out Johnson’s full webinar at SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com. Also, be sure to register for the next Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar with Dirk Zeller. He’s going to be sharing his advice on “Taming the Time Management Monster!”