REcolorado Syndication Program to Launch Next Week

We are excited to announce the REcolorado Syndication Program will begin its launch next week! The program will give you the ability to make listing-by-listing syndication choices. Here is how it will work:

  • Offices/Managing Brokers – Offices and Managing Brokers will gain access to a Syndication Settings page where they can open syndication channels for their brokers and agents.
  • Listing Brokers – Listing Input in Matrix will include a new “Internet Display” tab. Using the settings in this tab, listing brokers will be able to select where they want each listing to be displayed on the Internet. They will also be able to determine if, where, and when they want their listing syndicated.

Keeping the interests of our members as top priority, we have been negotiating contracts with syndication channels/publishers that include guidelines for fair and accurate display of your listing information as well as maintain listing broker prominence, as we do on and IDX websites. At launch, syndication choices will include ListHub and We have not yet finalized a contract with Zillow and Trulia that includes fair listing display guidelines and truly protects broker rights. We will continue negotiations in an effort to offer Zillow and Trulia as syndication options as soon as possible.

You will receive several Special Announcements next week giving you more detail and instructions for making your syndication choices. In the meantime, please learn as much as you can about syndication so you can make informed decisions about where your listings are displayed. You can start with our new Syndication webpage and Hot Topics blog posts.