REcolorado Syndication Program Launched!

We successfully launched the REcolorado Syndication Program. Have you updated your syndication settings?

Managing Brokers 

  1. Login to CONNECT
  2. Click the “Office Syndication Settings” button
  3. Choose the syndication channels you would like to make available to your office

Read our How To for step-by-step instructions.

Listing Brokers 

  1. During listing input in Matrix, find the Internet Display tab
  2. Choose “yes” to display your listing and your listing’s address on the Internet
  3. Select the syndication channels for your listing
  4. Check the box to authorize your Internet display and syndication settings

Use our How To document to make these quick modifications.

Need a brief walk through? Watch our newly updated Listing Input video!

Helpful Links

We think it’s important to make an informed decision when considering your syndication options for each listing. Visit our syndication webpage for information and links to resources.

  1. Syndication Checklist – Things to consider when choosing syndication publishers
  2. Syndication Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Syndication Pathways – How listings are syndicated
  4. Evaluating Your Syndication Options – Your Listing. You Decide.

Want more info? Read our syndication articles on the REcolorado Professionals Blog!