REcolorado Partnership with ePropertyExtra

Using Discount Shopping Programs: Reward Yourself and Your Clients

By: Patrick Troppe, Senior Product Manager at CoreLogic

Name a hotel chain. Name a specific soft drink. The companies behind those brands expend a lot of effort to achieve that “top of mind” awareness.

Now, what is the name of your real estate agent? According to Inman News, “one of the major reasons why homeowners do not rehire their real estate agent is that they simply cannot remember their agent’s name.”

Using discount shopping programs like the new eProperty Extra program, offered free to REcolorado members, provides you a great opportunity to achieve that same “top-of-mind awareness” but without expending all the resources.

Here is how it works. You send your clients an email letting them know they can sign up for a free rewards program as a gift from you. Every time they use ePropertyExtra, they are greeted with the name of the agent who gave them access to ePropertyExtra – you! A simple “brought to you by” statement graces the top of the page.

You may be wondering how discounts on purses are related to the consumers you work with to buy, sell, and find real estate. Excellent question. Psychographic studies (looking not just at demographics, but also activities like buying a house) show people who are shopping for a home, or who have recently moved, have higher consumer expenditures. We’re not talking about the real estate transaction. It even extends beyond appliances, paint, and furnishings. In the time before and after getting a new home, consumers tend to frequently eat at restaurants and buy more clothes, music, and jewelry. ePropertyExtra is a way for real estate professionals to help consumers save money during that time of higher spending.

You might use ePropertyExtra just for yourself, saving money on goods and services. You might decide you want to send an ePropertyExtra invite to every visitor from an Open House. You might add it as one more customer touch point to your palate and invite all your contacts. The choice is, after all, yours.

Visit the eProperty Extra button on your CONNECT dashboard to learn more and start your membership.