REcolorado: More Than Just Your MLS

You know the acronym MLS. You know what it stands for and you know the textbook definition of what an MLS does. But we’re breaking the mold. We’re working to be more than just your MLS.  

As an MLS, we help ensure reliable market information, compensation, and a set of standards that all subscribers follow to create a cohesive work environment. But by working to invest in and bring you the most innovative technology tools and market training available in the industry, we transform from your MLS to a trusted business partner.   

As your business partner, you can count on us to provide you: 

A Personal Website

We provide you an individual profile page on—Colorado’s most popular, locally-run home search site—where consumers can get to know you. receives more than 23 million visitors annually and generates approximately 3000 leads on average every month. If you want a piece of that pie, be sure to complete your profile and make sure it stands out. 


Statistics are an invaluable part of your business. You use the information to position yourself as the local expert so you can successfully grow your business. That’s why we make it easy for you to pull the reports you need from platforms like Matrix, InfoSparks and FastStats. In addition to offering you these platforms, REcolorado produces monthly market stats ** and we help the REALTOR® associations produce monthly reports. Check out REcolorado market stats in Metro Denver for the month of August. 

Listing Metrics

We recently relaunched REcolorado Listing Metrics and its now more user friendly than ever. You can access Listing Metrics directly from your CONNECT dashboard. See exactly how your listings are performing on, IDX, and syndication sites like Zillow and Break your listings down by views, shares, saves and inquiries. Compare the number of views on your listings with listings that are similar to yours, and email a weekly Seller’s Report to clients informing them of activity on their listing. You can even use Listing Metrics to combat instant home purchase offers. 

Innovative Tools

From ArriveHome to Homesnap to the Cloud Agent Suite, we’re committed to bringing you a wide variety of the latest and greatest tools in the real estate industry to help you streamline the way you do business and serve your clients. For a full list of supplemental products, visit REcolorado Marketplace. 

Product Demos and Trainings

You already know we provide you training on how use the MLS, but we also provide demos and training classes on the supplemental products and tools we offer, as well as how to pull market statistics. Check out the classes below. For a full list of training classes, including Matrix training, click the Class Schedule button on your CONNECT dashboard.  

The App: Homesnap Powered by REcolorado – Oct. 19 

Realist: Accessing Public Records – Oct. 18 & Oct. 25 

Market Intel (statistics): Sept. 27 

Homebot: Introducing Your Next Client Retention and Referral Platform: Oct. 13 

Cloud CMA and Cloud Agent Suite: Sept. 26 (a.m.)Sept. 26 (p.m.)Sept. 27 (a.m.)Sept. 27 (p.m.) 

Beginners CTMeContracts Class: Nov. 8 

Intermediate CTMeContracts Class: Oct. 19