REcolorado and IRES Appoint T3 MLS

T3 MLS to Facilitate Expanded Regional MLS Discussions

REcolorado and IRES are pleased to announce the two MLS organizations have joined together to appoint T3 MLS, a division of T3 Sixty, to explore and facilitate discussions between all appropriate stakeholders with the intent of creating a new expanded regional MLS in Colorado.

The official discussions and negotiations are scheduled to start this week and will be led by Stefan Swanepoel and Kevin McQueen. Negotiations will be pursued as a matter of urgency and will involve multiple stakeholders, who will be afforded an opportunity to raise needs, wants, and concerns. All stakeholders involved in the discussions will be asked to refrain from arranging or participating in any other private meetings or discussions to allow T3 to facilitate this complex and highly charged situation. Coordinated communications will be issued as progress is made.

We are excited about this new development and look forward to working together to better serve the brokers and agents of Colorado.

Jim Wanzeck

Chairman: REcolorado

Kirby Slunaker

President & CEO: REcolorado

Dan Kingdom

Chairman: IRES

Lauren Hansen