Imagine a World Where You Don’t Pay for Leads

It’s YOUR listing, so why should you have the pay for YOUR lead? You shouldn’t, and that’s why we created and are promoting—the public-facing home search website with more than two million visitors per month. You and thousands of other real estate professionals add listings to Matrix MLS. From there, the listings automatically appear on so consumers can easily search for Colorado listings. is free, the listing agent always gets the lead, and you receive several other great benefits, including a personal webpage where you can showcase your expertise. If we all promote as the best place to go to find listings, together we can make certain consumers get to you, which is where we want them to be.

The Benefits of a Strong, Public-Facing Website

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Numbers to Know

Here are the advantages of that will only be made stronger by statewide consolidation:

  • Two-million visitors per month – That’s 24 million annual visitors, 34 million annual page views, and 144 million annual searches. In other words, a ton of eyes on you and your listings!
  • Statewide Listings – listings stretch across the state. This includes Metro Denver to Central Colorado, Grand County, Royal Gorge, as well as Steamboat Springs, and Grand Junction.
  • Your Personal Webpage – Visitors to your listing on can clearly see you are the listing agent and can click your name to view your personal webpage, as well as your expertise. Plus, when you link to your webpage from your own website, it makes your own website stronger.
  • Market Your Open House to Millions – When you enter your open house into Matrix MLS, it’s automatically available for millions of interested buyers to see on Additionally, we promote the open houses to thousands of interested consumers on Facebook.
  • Helpful Resources – Homebuyers and sellers have access to mortgage tools, home worth tools, Colorado neighborhood information, and the Colorado Home Blog. As a result, these resources encourage homebuyers and sellers to use you—a real estate professional who is a local expert.

Let’s Keep All Eyes on You: The Local Experts is the most popular, locally-run home search site in the state, and second only to Zillow when national portals are included. But imagine if took the top spot in Colorado. As the local expert, all eyes would be on you, and you wouldn’t have to pay for your leads. We’re well on our way to reaching that goal through a statewide advertising campaign we have in place. It targets consumers via television and internet ads. But to make a real difference, we need to work together. Here’s what you can do:

  • Share with your clients. Tell them you recommend it over the national portals. The more we all share, the higher the usage becomes. The higher the usage becomes, the more visibility you’ll receive on, and your own website, without paying an extra dime.
  • Share blogs posts from Colorado Home Blog on your social media channels and repost them on your blog. Colorado Home Blog can be your one-stop shop for free curated content. From open house prep to gardening tips to market insights, they’re fun and informative articles that always link back to This helps drive more traffic to your listings.
  • Share social media posts. Follow on Facebook and Twitter. Our posts always link back to Colorado Home Blog or
  • Link to from your website. This may seem like an insignificant task, but it’s not. The more links to, the higher up the website will appear in internet searches. This means more visitors to the site.

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