REcolorado Customer Care Is Here For You

When it comes to customer care, our customers expect the best. And, why shouldn’t they? They want to interact with friendly and knowledgeable professionals who answer questions quickly and resolve issues during the first interaction. The good news is, our connection to our customers is stronger than ever. How do we know? Last year, REcolorado surveyed its subscribers to get feedback on the quality of customer care they are receiving. Here’s what some of our customers said:

I appreciate knowing that I will always have someone to turn to when I have questions. Your hours of operation are fantastic!

– Mary Chedsey

Even if I feel the question is trivial, Customer Care is always professional and courteous and helps answer the question at hand.

– Lorraine Grebenc

A quick phone call fixes everything. I am always greeted by a knowledgeable individual. I like all of them because they seem authentic…not the bubbly “fake” kind but sincere, they know the product and they are pros. So grateful to have them as a resource.

– Barbara Gregg

No matter what your question or concern, we’re always happy to help. Our care team is here 6 days per week (Monday through Saturday) to answer any inquiry – big or small. Contact us at: (303) 850-9576, Option 1 or if you have any questions.