REcolorado Courses to Help You Manage Your Time

“Remember that time is money” is a very famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. A recent article in Realty Times applies this conventional wisdom to the real estate industry by providing some great tips for managing your time. These tips include advice like creating a daily checklist and strategically planning break time. Learning to efficiently use the products offered by REcolorado can also save you time and help you get your work done with ease. Now is a great time to expand your knowledge on our core MLS products. Check out these time-saving courses below and register now!

Save Time with Matrix: Learn to Build and Use Customer Displays
This webinar will demonstrate the use of custom displays and give step by step instructions for building them. Better yet, this course is a Learn @ Lunch webinar and can be taken from the comfort of your own desk!
Matrix: Accessing What You Want
This course will teach you to expertly navigate Matrix and save time while you work. You’ll learn how to generate search results and reports.

Realist: Accessing Public Records Information
Explore the functionality and navigation of the MLS Public Records System, Realist. You’ll learn to access, navigate, search, and customize Realist to meet your business needs.
Make Matrix Your Own
Learn how to customize Matrix to meet your business needs. Organize the Dashboard to maximize effectiveness, create custom Displays and Exports, set search, map, and display defaults to maximize efficiency.
Leverage the Efficiencies of Matrix
Learn to access and manage your work quickly and efficiently. This course will explore how to organize, update, and maintain your work in Matrix.

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