Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions, we have answers! Whether you have questions about the new enhancements on, how to log in, or lead information, we’ve got you covered!  

REcolorado Launch Timeline 

When will the New launch?   

REcolorado’s new consumer-facing home search site is now live and we will continue to enhance the website to include more features and functionality using consumer feedback.  


Log in and Passwords 

Will I still log in to my CONNECT dashboard and the REcolorado Matrix MLS by going to    

Yes, you will continue to log in from You’ll now click the gold login button located in the top right-hand corner of the homepage and enter your credentials in the designated professionals sign-in section at the bottom of the pop-up. When you log in to the new for the first time, you will need to manually enter your credentials, which have not changed. Your saved username and password will not automatically appear or autofill.  

Which password do I use to log in? 

You will use the username and password you created for your REcolorado Professionals Account. If you don’t remember the password, you created or would like to reset your password you can click the ‘Forgot Password link within the Professionals section of the login pop-up. If you have saved your password to your browser’s password manager, you may be able to select your username and password when you click the corresponding text fields.  

Why is the Professional Login at the bottom of the Login box? is a consumer-facing home search site but we are also focused on providing our REcolorado subscribers with increased engagement, visibility and leads! The easier it is for consumers to log in to their My REcolorado account to connect with an agent and begin saving properties the better it is for the visibility of your listing AND your brand.

Will remember my password after I enter it the first time? 

Your current credentials will not auto-fill within the Professionals Login on the new website. You will need to manually enter your username and password. If you forgot your password, click the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset. After your first login, your credentials will auto-fill in the Professional Login.  

How do I reset my password? 

If you need to reset your password, you can click the ‘Forgot Password’ text under the log in button in the Professionals section. You will receive an email from with further instructions. 

The Difference 

What is the difference between and other home search sites? 

There are many differences, not just one!  

The most obvious difference is we’re the MLS. We’re where listings start. When you enter your listing in the REcolorado Matrix MLS system, your listing is seen on REcolorado. Our data is reliable, fast and can be seen by consumers in real-time. 

Next, who knows Colorado better than us? How could a home search site with listings all over the country know Colorado neighborhoods and communities better than the agents and brokers who live and breathe the Colorado lifestyle?  

If it’s your listing, it is your lead! We want to make the home buying and selling process simpler for you and your clients so that means when a consumer visits your listing, they see your information or their connected agent’s information. That’s it.  

Why does  REcolorado have a home search site?   

To send you leads at no additional cost. On, if it’s your listing, it’s your lead. Our goal is to make finding and connecting with a local real estate agent as simple as possible for homebuyers and sellers. As the multiple listing service, we are the trusted source that provides homebuyers and sellers access to reliable home search information and help consumers connect with agents  so they can stay at the center of the home buying process!    

What changes and enhancements were made to    

Apart from the beautiful new interface, is faster, easier to navigate and more intuitive than ever!   The new website includes tools that make searching for homes across Colorado a breeze. Our updated search results page allows consumers to view new listings in a map and list view simultaneously, filter search results, save searches and favorite properties all on the same page! Also, listing agent information is displayed front and center on listing detail pages, which makes contacting the listing agent simple for consumers on! When a consumer connects with you on your contact information will also be visible on the listing detail page.  

How often are the listings on updated?   

Since is where listings start, when you enter your new listings in the Matrix MLS system, your new listings and updates to existing listings will be available within minutes. 

Why is advertising sold on 

The revenue generated from our website ads is used to make ongoing enhancements to the site. It is also used to run targeted ad campaigns designed to drive new users to, and more specifically to your listings! Traffic from these campaigns is traffic to your listings which in turn increases your online visibility and generates leads that go directly to you at no cost. 

What do leads from look like?   

Leads from are sent from the following email address: Be sure to save this email address as a safe sending address in your email platform to avoid leads going to your spam or junk folders.   

How do consumers know about 

REcolorado runs a multi-channel advertising campaign that drives consumers to and the REcolorado App to engage with you and your listings. The goal of this campaign is to educate consumers to find and connect with an agent on to make buying and selling a Colorado home simpler!  

Why should I send consumers to 

Home buyers and sellers want a place to go to find reliable home information, and not just new listings! Some of our most visited resources include our Home Buyers and Sellers Guide pages, Affordability Calculator, and our Explore Colorado community pages. There are many resources on that not only help consumers find and connect to an agent but also help them understand the importance of using a real estate agent to navigate the rough waters that can be buying and selling their next home. 

Why are there calculators on Shouldn’t consumers be directed to Brokers for the most accurate information?  

Calculators are popular features that attract visitors to home search sites. The calculators on are intended to be a starting point for home buyers and sellers. Information about the value of contacting an agent for accurate information is included with the calculators. 

Why are there listings on that I can’t see in the REcolorado Matrix MLS system? 

REcolorado has partnerships with MLS organizations and REALTOR® associations throughout the state to display their listing on Our goal is to make a statewide resource for home buyers and sellers to get accurate listing information and connect directly with listing agents. On you’ll see listings from the following:  REcolorado subscribers, REALTORS® of Central Colorado, Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS®, Grand County Board of REALTORS®, Grand Junction Area REALTOR® Association, Royal Gorge Association of REALTORS®, and Vail Board of REALTORS ®.

REcolorado Agent Profile  

Does compete with my personal site or my office’s site? is a resource for homebuyers and sellers to access local information, tools, state-wide market trends, and accurate listing information all with the listing agent displayed prominently. REcolorado compliments your site! On if it’s your listing, it’s your lead. That’s why your contact and brokerage information are featured in multiple places throughout the site and on your listings. Your REcolorado profile can link back to your website and social accounts as well, to give you even more visibility! You never have to worry about advertising space being sold to other agents! When consumers find your listings and information on it gives you more visibility and accreditation, especially if you update your profile page and claim your RateMyAgent profile.    

How do I update my profile page on   

You can update your agent profile information and photo on from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard.

To Edit Your Profile Information

If you would like to edit or add your contact information, titles, and website and social media links, etc., to your agent profile you will click the ‘Edit My Profile’ button in the Professional Account section of CONNECT.  

How to Complete your Profile

To edit or add an agent photo

If you would like to edit or add a photo to your agent profile page click the Matrix button in the REcolorado Subscriber Resources section of CONNECT. Once in Matrix, navigate to the last tab at the top left of your screen called Input, hover over the tab and click Input Listing. Click the ‘Edit existing’ agent photo and this photo will appear in your agent profile.

The ideal photo size to use for your profile photo is 200x200px, 200x300px is the max resolution.

How to Add a Photo to your Profile

Where is my profile displayed on 

Your agent profile can be found by hovering of the ‘Find an Agent’ tab in the homepage navigation. Once on the Find an Agent page, consumers can easily find your profile and connect with you. Make sure your profile is setup with an updated photo and website links so consumers can easily recognize your profile! 


How do I connect with a consumer on   

Connecting with a consumer via is a wonderful way to start communications that can turn them into a client. To connect on, encourage your sphere to create and complete their My REcolorado Account. In their account, consumers can search for an agent by name or location and choose to connect. When a consumer connects with their agent on REcolorado they’ll have convenient access to their agent’s contact information as they browse property listings.   


Consumers without accounts can also find an agent in multiple places, most conveniently on the landing page.   The homepage navigation menu has a ‘Find an Agent’ dropdown option.  

  The search bar’s 4th tab is labeled ‘Find an Agent’   

  The buyers and sellers section have a ‘Find an Agent’ icon.  

There is a Find an Agent section at the bottom of the homepage, right above the blog feed.  

Once a consumer finds the agent they would like to work with, there are two opportunities to connect in that agent’s REcolorado Agent Profile.  To connect with an agent, a consumer will need to create a My REcolorado Account. If they do not have one, they will be prompted to create an account.  


How does a consumer connect with me on 

There are many ways to connect with an agent on, in fact there are four places to find an agent just on the home page! Consumers will need to create a My REcolorado Account. Once they have created their account, they can connect directly within their My REcolorado Account. Consumers log in using the same gold login button you use. Once logged in they will go to their profile and click the My Agent button. They will type in your name or location, click your image and next will be taken to your agent profile. In your agent profile, they can click the green ‘Connect with Me’ button in your profile.