REcolorado Board Upholds Decision

At REcolorado, we believe that open and honest communication is essential to working collaboratively with one another. That’s why we’ve always kept our subscribers apprised to our business plans – especially as it relates to data sharing and the pursuit of forming one MLS for the Front Range.

In an effort to continue this trend of open communication, we recently sent the letter below to our shareholders and want to share it with you as well.

Dear Shareholders,

At your request, the REcolorado Board of Directors held a conference call today to discuss recent developments surrounding the decision to terminate the CCM data share agreement with IRES.  

During our call, we engaged in thoughtful discussion where we reviewed:

– The feedback some REALTOR® Boards have received from some passionate brokers who primarily operate in northern Colorado 

– The opportunities REcolorado has had to speak with brokers up and down the Front Range about data sharing

– The reasons the REcolorado Board of directors voted twice to terminate the CCM data share agreement with IRES

– The vision for one MLS on the Colorado Front Range 

We have put a great deal of thought and effort into understanding both sides of the issue.  With this understanding, we agreed once again today to stay the course and end the CCM data share agreement with IRES on March 2.

We understand this decision will change the way some brokers and agents do business, especially those who operate in northern Colorado.  However, we strongly believe this decision is what is needed now to move us forward.  Data sharing is an illusion.  It gives brokers and agents a false sense of security that they truly have access to listings in other markets.  The truth, however, is much of the inventory is invisible and/or inaccurate.  Extending data share will only inhibit our industry more. Now is the time to focus all of our resources on leading the effort to create one MLS for the Colorado Front Range. 

The products, services, training, and customer care REcolorado provides to brokers, agents, and appraisers is the very best.  We invite you to continue doing what you do so well—spreading the word about all REcolorado has to offer:

– Powerful, intuitive, mobile-friendly, and customizable products including the Matrix MLS and Homesnap mobile app

– Free, hands-on, in-depth training offered at locations up and down the Front Range

– Customer service that is available 6-days per week and even by email on Sunday

– Visibility on – the state’s most visited, locally-run home search site

REcolorado is offering a free 6-month all-access membership to brokers and agents whose office is located outside of REcolorado’s core service territory.  We urge you to invite IRES to do the same for brokers and agents outside of their service territory.  Giving brokers, agents, and appraisers access to every MLS field and complete data is a true step in the right direction.

In closing, we want to express our appreciation for the active and open conversation this has generated. We hope it will continue as we move forward with ONE MLS!


Jim, Alan and Kirby


Jim Wanzeck, REcolorado Chairman

Alan Smith, REcolorado Vice Chair

Kirby Slunaker, REcolorado President & CEO