REcolorado Inks Agreement with BrokerBay – Showing Management Platform to Launch this Fall

REcolorado is excited to announce we have signed an agreement with BrokerBay, a next generation showing management platform and one of the fastest growing showing management companies in North America. When launched, BrokerBay will be added to the collection of core products and services currently offered by REcolorado.  

Our partnership with BrokerBay will give REcolorado subscribers access to the full suite of BrokerBay tools that can be used to schedule and manage showing appointments, provide 3D virtual showings, issue and track communications, review analytics, make offers, and more. BrokerBay will be integrated into REcolorado Matrix with an icon on each listing to schedule showings. It will also be accessible via the CONNECT dashboard. Integrations into additional REcolorado products will be forthcoming.    

BrokerBay will be available to REcolorado subscribers this fall. Ahead of the launch we will offer numerous opportunities to learn more about BrokerBay through sneak peeks, demos, and training sessions that will be held in collaboration with brokerage offices, industry partners, and REALTOR® associations.  

“REcolorado has chosen to add BrokerBay to add to our suite of products and services because they provide a modern showing management platform with an easy-to-use interface that streamlines workflows while connecting brokers to their clients,” said Staci Wood, vice president and corporate product officer. “We were attracted to BrokerBay’s proven ability to innovate and their focus on providing tools that will help REcolorado subscribers adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the market.”  

Have questions? Take a look at our FAQs below for answers and keep an eye out for more information that will be coming your way.  

BrokerBay Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrokerBay?
BrokerBay is an advanced showing management ecosystem that helps brokerages, agents, and teams streamline showings on their listings. 

As a broker, what can I do with BrokerBay?
With BrokerBay you can schedule and arrange showings – in person and interactive 3D Virtual showing tours, register offers and submit documents, verify agents, manage property notifications, and more.  

Will I be able to collaborate with my team using BrokerBay?
Yes. BrokerBay is built for teams of any size to coordinate and collaborate on listings, showings, offers, and more.  

As a Managing Broker/Participant how will I use BrokerBay? 
Managing Brokers/Participants will have access to the BrokerBay brokerage dashboard advanced admin queue where brokerage staff, and team admins can audit almost anything that happens on showings. 

When will BrokerBay be available for me to use? 
The BrokerBay and REcolorado teams are making launch preparations. We expect it to be available early this summer. Ahead of launch, we will conduct sneak peeks, demos, and trainings so you can hit the ground running. 

How will I access BrokerBay once it is available? 
You will be able to access BrokerBay from your CONNECT dashboard or from listings in REcolorado Matrix. When launched, you’ll see the BrokerBay icon on listings in REcolorado Matrix.   

Will ShowingTime still be available? 
Yes, REcolorado will continue to offer ShowingTime’s free MLS integration.  

When will I learn more about BrokerBay? 
As we get closer to launch, we will offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn more about BrokerBay. Ahead of launch, we will hold sneak peeks and product demos throughout REcolorado’s service area. We will hold sessions in collaboration with offices, REALTOR associations, and industry groups so you’re sure to find one that is convenient to attend. 

If I use BrokerBay, will I have to change lockbox systems? 
BrokerBay offers advanced integrations with all major electronic lockbox providers. They have a very strong integration with SentriLock. 

Does REcolorado plan to form partnerships with any other showing services? 
The REcolorado product team is continually evaluating products and services that can be offered to help simplify workflows and streamline the transaction process. We will continue to offer ShowingTime through their free integration partnership and will review other showing services that offer partnerships at no cost.  

Does BrokerBay have a mobile app? 
Yes, BrokerBay has an iOS and Android mobile app where agents can book and manage showings.